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  • Weekend Getaways Around Dubai for Families

    A long week filled with school, work, and house chores should always end in a way that helps every individual of the family unwind in the best way possible. And when you are living in Dubai, the limitless options around greatly help to make sure that your weekend getaway is one to remember. That too […]

  • Museum of the Future – A Remarkable New Addition to Dubai’s Attractions

    Ever wondered what the world would look like fifty years from now? Well, now you can get a glimpse of it, thanks to the museum of the future. The world’s next big attraction, launched on 22 February 2022, provides deep insight into how society could evolve in the upcoming decades using science and technology.  The […]

  • 5 Things in Dubai You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

    Dubai is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations and for quite a good reason. The mega-urban empire offers unparalleled grandeur and luxuries, and if you haven’t felt inspired at least once, you are doing something wrong. This list of unique things Dubai has to offer is long for sure. From the world’s longest […]