Dubai Dhow Cruise Marina- An Experience to Remember

Are you considering spending your summer vacations in Dubai? Then there’s no way you’re keeping the emirate’s vibrant nightlife experience off your bucket list. You might have found the pristine beaches, record-breaking buildings, and luxurious cars impressive. Yet, Dubai’s cultural roots lie in the traditional Arabian Peninsula. 

With that said, Dubai cruises are a delightful blend of luxury and great outdoors. They allow visitors to step into the dramatic wilderness, which is home to various activities. From sparkling waves to dolphin encounters, and unique dining, Marina upholds quite a reputation.

Why Should One Choose a Cruise in Dubai Marina?

Dubai Marina happens to be the world’s largest artificial marina. The spot has gained massive fame, and we believe the reason is enough to pay a visit over there. As gorgeous and productive it looks, it’s no wonder why the cruise is such a popular tourist spot. While being popular for exceptional sightseeing, the island owns a charisma that’s rarely available anywhere else.

Think indulging yourself in the world’s oldest architectural beauty, snorkeling with the fascinating marine life! From the spectacular sightseeing to the relaxing sunset views, Cruise Marina is no short of breathtaking prospects.

Travelling through the Dubai marina on a cruise is a life-changing experience. As you delve into the prowess of supremacy in the middle of the sprawling desert, there’s more beauty to it. So, keep reading to know more about the offerings before you hop on to the Yacht cruise in Marina.

  • The Beauty of Nightlife

While you can always embark on the cruise in the daytime, the beauty of joining it at night is beyond mesmerizing. Emirate’s after sundown is a pyramid of glittering lights that chisels the city to look like fireflies in a jar.

At night, the ultra-modern architecture grants a magical sight to those who get on the cruise’s top spot. As Dubai is one such city that came to live after sunset, the experience is surreal and sought by many who regularly join the dhows bandwagon.

  • Delicious Cuisines

Nowhere can cuisines appear so overwhelmingly impressive as with the alignment of Dubai Dhows cruises. Here, you’ll find unique traditional interpretations that you’ve never experienced before. You can expect a three-course buffet prepared with uncompromised standards. Not to forget the complimentary flavored juices besides.

  • Musical Concerts:

While you snack on the dinner, you’ll can help but admire the local artists providing singing performances or traditional dances, including belly dance and even magic shows.

A dhow cruise experience in Marina is a beautiful way of witnessing Dubai’s unrealistic beauty if you haven’t visited the city earlier. Being an Islamic state, Dubai highly prohibits musical concerts and entertainment during the blessed month of Ramadan.

  • Provision of Comfort

When it’s time to rest, the dhows admirable cuisines and world-class wineries will offer utmost comfort. Meanwhile, the large restrooms provide an ideal oasis to escape from the world.

Dubai Dhow Cruise Marina serves you extraordinary culinary experiences and a broad glimpse into the region’s cultural heritage. You can choose from the available artwork you would like to explore during your leisure hours at the time of booking.

After enjoying a sumptuous three-course meal of continental dishes, opt for a chilled glass of soft drink or a beer while relaxing on a side bench. Dubai marina cruise scene is a fit for every spirit-lover.

  • Sightseeing at its Best

You might have explored the sensational sites of Dubai from the sky in a helicopter ride earlier. But, nothing can beat the serenity of gazing up at the city’s lights from a vessel sailing the ocean. Dubai Marina cruise is a sight to behold and promises mysterious views of the sapphire blue water while cruising through.

While getting onboard in the daytime is utterly fine, you’ll find the glittering Burj Khalifa exceptionally admirable at night. Some of the best attractions of this city are worth observing in the evening.  

Final Thoughts

With delicious cuisines and natural beauty, the Dubai Dhows cruise in Marina guide cordially invites you to explore the emirate’s most scenic touring sights. If you’re still seeking more assurance, the city’s compelling sites will make the decision easier for you.

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