Surprising Facts about Dubai: What else you don’t know?

Are you dreamingly wishing to get on an adrenaline-rushing traveling venture? With big blue skies, starry nights, and endless amusement, there’s nowhere quite like Dubai’s interior. There’s no denying that Dubai is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations, yet it cherishes the reputation with dignity.

It’s a place of cordial country sites and vibrant locals who opt for headwear as big as their smiles. As human beings are amicable, therefore, places like Dubai attract them. And that’s where the hidden surprises set in. In this guide, we’ve appeared with the most shockingly amazing facts about the state, which will undoubtedly leave you bewildered.

Without taking much of your time, let’s cut to the chase.

1. Reach the Highest Peak of the World:

 Of course, we’re not referring to the famous Burj Al Khalifa, but the massive skyscraper of Emirates. With a height of 828 meters, it equals three Eiffel towers standing on top of each other. Regardless if it’s the unbelievable Palm Jumeirah or dramatic coastline routes, there is no better way of witnessing the glamour of the universe.

Above all, the sense of dominancy you get after reaching the top of the world as if you’ve outpaced everyone is miraculously pleasing. For this reason, whether you’re a tourist, researcher, or photographer, a visit to the enormous skyscraper must be on your bucket list.

2. The Frequent use of Robotics:

Despite owning the world-eighth wonder, there’s no way Dubai will jeopardize technology. And that’s how it became the first state with excessive use of robotics. In recent times, have your eyes caught something bizarre while roaming through the streets of Dubai?

Well, the official cops of Dubai have swapped identities with robotics. And the most surprising part is that they’ll serve at the tap of your fingers. To be honest, wonders will never stop ceasing in Emirates, will they?

3. Munch on the unique Cuisine Compositions:

UAE is a trading sector for centuries; food from all global communities has influenced Dubai’s cuisine. Along with the conventional Arabic food, you’ll get ingredients from Persia and spices from India. If you plan a trip to this town, get on the food bandwagon to experience different cuisines. Joining a traditional Emirati brunch session at the beginning of an exciting day is all you need to acknowledge the diversity of this state.

4. Get paid for losing weight:

If you’re planning to get rid of extra pounds, Dubai would be an ideal place for it. Sounds weird, right? For shedding two kilograms of your weight, the Dubai Government pays a reward of 2 grams of gold. It means the town makes every calorie count! Yet, candidates from all over the UAE enthusiastically join the contest.

5. Enjoy Indoor Skiing for the first time:

It might sound unreal, but indoor skiing is available within the community. The fact about this city makes us realize the significance of constant amazement. Skiing in deserts sounds impossible, no? Well, that’s not the case with Dubai. The vast Emirates mall enlightens your tour with indoor skiing sessions. Often, parents drop off their kids here while they carry on with their shopping.

Final Verdict:

Dubai aims to get the best of everything, and its foresightedness justifies its ambitions. After getting your hands on the astonishing facts about Dubai, you must be curious to explore the city yourself. So, pack your bags up and book your flights to delve into this beauty of the Middle East.

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