Top 10 Golf Courses in Dubai: Which ones are worth your attention?

The sunny evenings, breathtaking hotels, and magnificent golf courses have put Dubai on the map as one of the most incredible places to play Golf. As a golfer, whatever you’re seeking for, one of the most well-known emirates in the U.A.E. owns it.

With such renowned golf courses nestled in the city of gold, professionals worldwide tend to flock there to experience the magic of the golf sport. Read on to acknowledge some of the best golf courses in Dubai.

1. Dubai Creek Golf Club

This golf course is aptly named after the river it sits beside. Dubai Creek club is blessed with highly impressive fairways like carpets, dates, and palm trees. The course is designed for more than 6000 yards with magical tee boxes that provide a dreamy golf experience. Not to forget the classic ambiance that boosts your mood with every hit.

2. The Emirates Golf Club, Majlis Course

Majlis is considered the first grass golf course in the Middle East to carve out of the landscape. The scalability and size of the appealing Dubai skyline make it an ideal location to play night golf. It’s also beneficial because evenings are slightly more relaxed and less humid than daytime.

3. The ElS Club

The Dubai Sports City offers a single spectacular element that is one of a kind in the entire town, namely the E.L.S. golf club. Inspired by the deserted palm trees, the golf course is made on more than 7000 yards and 18 tee holes. This championship course makes it accessible to players of all abilities with such a wide variety. Whether an amateur or a professional golf player, this course provides a trial to everyone.

4. Jumeirah Golf Estate, Earth Course

A trial golf session here won’t do any harm with the conditions to be admired and the exciting rounds that await at Jumeirah Golf Estates. The Earth championship course is an ideal representation of what it feels like to walk over the fairways like an expert. It is a pervasive course that outshines 7,675 yards of ground. It’s always best to opt from different colors to play from if you’re having endless patience and, of course, the golf balls. Fortunately, the allowances of the clubhouse are pretty affordable as well.

5. The Montgomerie Golf Club

On 265 acres of terrain lie the artificial lakes, an extensive lane of landscape that makes up the Montgomerie golf club. The designers have granted the attractive golf course the magical and fantastic architectural touch. For additional amazement, focus on the 13th hole where the green part is shaped like U.A.E. The clubhouse is a noticeable feature with more than 20 guest rooms and a swimming pool as a luxury.

6. Trump International Golf Course

Featuring the fantastic artwork that can be witnessed from a distance, Trump International Golf Course is designed by an Olympic golf architect. It has excelled everyone’s former expectations and certainly exceeds our imaginations. This manual championship course doesn’t resemble a desert, and as you reach the first tee box, you’ll get exposed to a substantial double fairway. It is located in DAMAC Hills.

7. Arabian Ranches Golf Club

It’s pretty shocking to think that wild gazelle and grazing camels once inhabited the area Arabian Ranches so radiantly occupy. This golf club was designed by a professional golf player who determined his way around a golf course. Fortunately, shrubs and bushes surround the areas of the fairways, or else it would be hard for you to make par. The club indeed speaks volumes with five sets of tees to choose from.

8. Faldo Golf Course

Established in 1996, the Faldo Golf Course has done a marvellous job competing with the Majlis course. It smartly positioned lakes, and dramatic bunkering increased the pleasures of playing on the land. In simple Faldo style, the new course layout outshines his trademark and bunkers. Additionally, 14 well-spacious lakes surround the extended fairways. The Faldo Golf Course is highly-considered by both locals and tourists for its challenging games and pristine condition.

9. Fire Golf Course:

Inspired by the most loved parkland course around the globe, the Fire Golf Course has the beautiful ability to hug the earth’s curvature. Situated in Jumeirah Golf Estates, it demands a plotted round in play. It means that your shots and lay-up skills need to be perfect. Just like every golf player wishes to get a perfect ground to play, this golf course won’t disappoint them as it offers the chance to hit the ball for over 300 yards.

10. Dubai Hills Golf Club

When it was introduced in 2018, it was noted to be the best golf course in town. Dubai Hills Golf Club is not huge but pleasing enough to indulge the visitor in its beauty. The Golf course is reasonably priced, so locals often join it for quick golfing sessions. The front view appears spectacular, and wonders if you’re hitting right into the skyline on the fifth hole.

When the weather isn’t cloudy, you can even enjoy the appearance of Burj Khalifa from afar. With more than 7000 yards of the area, the Dubai Hills club was created by dunes and the giant rolling fairways.

Final thoughts:

Indeed, Dubai is a sensational spot for all activities and sports, including Golf. The delightful blend of enchanting golf courses with modish hotels, impressive shopping malls, and relaxing beaches makes this town ideal for a golf holiday. Regardless of your golf gaming level, the inviting golf courses will bewilder you.

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