Top 14 Adrenaline-Rushing Activities in Dubai that Every Adventurer Must Try

Have you been bored of the scenic lunch cuisines and the JBR island walk-in Dubai? Don’t worry because this emirate is always backed up with thrilling sites to make your trip memorable.

Dubai is home to plenty of adventurous activities that aren’t generic elsewhere. Where in the world can you encounter antelopes in a desert and ski on snowy slopes, and that’s all in a single place? Indeed, it’s only possible in Dubai, the only ambitious metropolis city where nothing seems impossible. 

Suffice it to say, Dubai isn’t only famous for its world’s largest shopping mall and the tallest building, and the best adventurous town in the Middle East.

From enjoying the unique indoor skiing to walking on water, Dubai’s spectrum of sports and adventures is designed to provide you with an adrenaline rush. So, get off the boring sunbed and opt for the fantastic opportunities ahead that you’ll remember for a lifetime to come.

1. Getting on the top of Burj-Al-Khalifa

The incredibly tall skyscraper Burj Khalifa is a prime example of how amazing Dubai looks when you’re standing at the highest peak on the 148th floor. Going up so far in the building isn’t for faint-hearted individuals. However, imagine the view from its top 163rd floor; it feels mesmerizing, right? Now fascinate about jumping off at the moment, and it’ll undoubtedly boost your adrenaline glands.

There’s no doubt the experience on the top of this adventurous building is unique. Surprisingly, this activity is one of the easiest ones as it’s only a game of pure fascination and nothing real. Not to forget, Burj Khalifa allows VIP access to even a higher viewing point of 555 meters.

2. Try Scuba Diving

The hypnotising turquoise water in Dubai attracts millions of tourists annually, but hardly anyone has experience beneath the surface. If you’re brave enough to explore underwater beautiful sea creatures, opt for Scuba diving at the Amazing Sea World. The organisers offer diving sessions without requiring any license.

Dubai’s warm coastal waters are home to killifish, angelfish, barracudas, etc. Who knows, you might even meet sea turtles along the way? Witnessing sharks and baby whales brings an instant adrenaline rush to the adventurer. However, the venture is utterly safe, and you’ll be having professionals alongside. So why not escape the metropolitan city for a while and indulge in the fascinating world of sea creatures?

3. Dubai’s Popular Skydiving

Undeniably, Skydiving is one of the most daring activities in Dubai. After a few heart-pounding moments of free fall, the parachute positions, and everything becomes peacefully calm. It’s an unforgettable experience for all the adventurers who opt for this activity.

The breathtaking views of the town below will surely leave you in the ewe, and it will be the most incredible adrenaline rush of your life. Having said that, practising free falling might be safer if you’re not ready for a giant leap. So, book an indoor skydiving session to get familiar with the feel of weightlessness. The good part is that the adventurer is safe from medical issues, especially a heart attack.

4. The Exhilarating Flyboarding

Trying flyboarding is necessary if you want to join the most intense adrenaline rush bandwagon. It is one of the exclusive adventurous spots in the town, and tourists often visit Dubai, particularly for this reason.

While the desert occupies one end of Dubai, the sea rules over the other. Moreover, it brings a plethora of activities, including flyboarding.

Combining flying with swimming has never been easier, but flyboarding activity has significantly contributed to this cause. The experience is excessively new for beginners and gives your adrenaline glands a significant kick. You can rise to 100 feet above ground level at a speed of 150 KMPH. Make sure to carry swimwear with you.

5. Exploring Deserts in Multiple Ways

It is a real adventure-packed opportunity for desert lovers. The rollercoaster ride of driving up and down the dunes will leave you thrilled for days to more and perhaps a little dizzy. You can wait to catch enough breath while getting a ride on camelback, but soon you’ll be off to the next adventurous round of rushing through the dune, this time on a sand board.

If you’re spending your summer vacations in Dubai, don’t forget to experience this amazingly-adventurous tour of the Safari desert. You can see the day off with some well-deserved rest at the Bedouin guest’s camps. As the sun sets over the dunes, you’ll enjoy the feast of traditional Arabian dishes and puffing smoke by the bonfire.

6. Admiring Dubai from a Helicopter

If you’ve been secretly wishing to feature in an action movie, you can taste a similar feeling by booking a trip on Dubai’s famous helicopter ride. This flight isn’t the only adventure in town, but what’s more exciting is getting to admire Dubai’s gorgeous architectural glory.

Undoubtedly, Dubai’s skyline is one of the world’s beauty icons, and paying an appreciative gaze from above takes you to another level. There’s no better way of treasuring the city’s mesmerizing skyline and artificial islands on the Gulf, including the Palm Jumeirah. Lastly, don’t forget to snap the desired clicks of downtown Dubai from above.

7. The Startling Mountain Biking

You must be familiar with mountain hiking, but have you ever heard about mountain biking? Well, Dubai introduces you to this unique experience as well.

Mountain biking is highly prioritised by individuals seeking something unusual yet thrilling from the normative activities. So, hold on tight to your nerves and get ready to begin your first biking venture from Hatta Mountain, which provides an idyllic biking trail in Dubai.

There’s something special about Hatta, like you’ll come across the town’s splendid views that make the navigation easier for you and allow you to witness sightseeing places. Another essential factor about the area is that it is contentiously open throughout the year.

8. The Thrilling Reef and Wreck Diving

Now that we know Dubai is well-equipped with daring opportunities for nerve-wracking adventurous, Reef and the Wreck diving steps in the same category. So, if you’re up for the venture, one of the best sites is Anchor Barge, which is known to have been inaugurated in 1998, and Mariam Express, a cargo ship that sank in 2006.

This kind of diving is different from Scuba diving in terms of experiences. You won’t be encountering sea creatures; instead, you’ll get to observe the precious legacy of the state. Both sites are optimal for beauty and grant you a fantastic experience. Although it’s not popular enough, millions of tourists and celebrities travel to Dubai to savour the underwater sights.

9. Enjoying Surreal Views on a Hot Air Ballooning

Wouldn’t it be fascinating if you get a chance to soar over the spectacular Dubai? We can only visualise what the view would look like while witnessing the barren desert from atop.

If you’re planning to visit Dubai, keep the enlightening and relaxing hot air balloon ride on your to-do list. With this ride, you’ll witness some of the most beautiful views of desert vistas and islands and later return to the land to celebrate the flight. The basket is strong enough to get more than 24 people on board in one go. So, if you’ve settled on the hot air balloon, delay no further as you might have to reserve seats beforehand.   

10. The Refreshing Water Rides at Wild Wadi Water Park

Get yourself to the freshening Arabian Folklore Amusement park if you want to join the adrenaline pumping adventure experience. Wild Wadi Water Park serves more than 30 rides and attractions suitable for amusers of all age groups.

For all the citizens seeking an additional thrill, various adrenaline-filled slides are available, including Tantrum Alley and Burj Surj. Besides this, the Wipeout and Riptide Flow riders serve the ultimate surfing experience for adventure lovers. Both the activities are enjoyable, so at least let one of them get a unique experience to remember forever.

11.  Illusionary World at Dubai Museum

Dubai’s illusionary museum makes a delightful blend of entertainment and adventure for light-hearted individuals. You might be glad to know that it’s the world’s biggest museum which now relies on Al-Seef. Upon entrance, it’ll welcome you with good interactive exhibits that involve a vortex tunnel, Ames room, and a rotating cycle where you’ll appear to grow depending on the position.

The museum provides a view that looks unreal and leaves you bewildered by tricking your mind and playing with your emotions. However, it is an ideal place to get the perfect funky snaps for social media.

12. Immerse Yourself in Sand Boarding:

As we’re talking about all the adventurous spots in Dubai, how can we forget the thrilling sandboarding activity of the town? Once you’re all set to try out the sandboarding session, they’ll ask you to hop in a Hummer and move through the sandy acres.

Although you can opt for this adventure anytime throughout the year, the weather can play a spoilsport. There’re standard grades of sandboarding, so even beginners can rest assured. 

13. The Robust Dunes Bashing

Being one of the most reputable sports in Dubai, Dune bashing takes the adventurer to another world as it comes down, crashing down the slopes of the dunes. To make the most of this ride, consider opting either for morning sessions or evening ones so you’ll get the chance of enjoying the delicious barbecued dinner with Arabian Coffee.

Moreover, you’ll encounter the enthralling setting sun on the horizon beneath the dunes. For this reason, dune bashing reaches the level of utmost popularity in the region. Isn’t it great that there’s an availability of a campsite, especially as a honeymoon spot for newly-wedded couples?

14.  Taking a Plunge at the Atlantis Aquaventure Water Park

Aquaventure Water Park in Dubai lives up to its name with a series of scream-inducing waterslides. As much as you’ll find it amusing, the adventurous slides are equally terrifying. The creepiest slide is the Poseidon Revenge, a trapdoor slide that throws you into a near-vertical fall.

A loud countdown will make your heart pace with terror as you pray for your fate before the ride begins. Falling down the 20 meters lengthy drop at an enormous speed, you’ll undoubtedly scream your lungs out. We suggest the visitors drop by the park premises so you won’t be waiting up in the queue for long.

Final Thoughts

Dubai is itself a Disneyland for adrenaline lovers. There’re multiple adventurous activities that you can opt for here to get your heart racing. Whether it’s sneaking down the world’s tallest building, hiking through the mountainous routs, or rock climbing on the cliffs, there’s something special here for every stage of adventurer. Indeed, the city has a lot to proffer to the citizens living here and the tourists visiting the state across the globe. We hope that the above-evaluated guide has helped you choose adventures according to your preferences.

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