Top 9 Outdoor places to visit in Dubai with Kids

Are you considering taking the children out in Dubai and making most of their time before it heats up? In this regard, you might be pondering over all the tourist destinations and architectural values that you can become acquainted with, yet they could get exhausted.

Luckily, this isn’t the situation while making a trip with kids to Dubai. There’s a great deal to offer to keep your toddlers drawn in for the day’s rest. As the city is home to different outdoor activities, children can burn off their energy and partake in fresh air when it’s less scorched.

Sports and adventures play a vital role in the Emirate’s way of life, from weekend hikes to a fully-packed sporting calendar. So, we’ve rounded up the best outdoor places to visit with your kids in Dubai.

1. XDubai Skatepark:

If your kids desire a climbing experience, Dubai’s Skatepark is an optimal spot to make it happen. Whether you’re a youngster or a grown-up, the skating park ensures a heart-pumping experience.  

Novices can start their venture with the position of a safety skate square with transitional flow areas. On the contrary, experts can select the central space.

There’s no question why kids from everywhere over the world love visiting XDubai Skating Park. It could happen because of the primitive sensations after an exciting skating session. Or else, simply getting in there gives a liberating feeling from the indoor depletion.

2. Kayaking on Kite Beach:

Being home to the best beaches in the world, it’s no wonder why Arabians love to ride the waves. Everyone from beginners to experts can get on the incredible surf culture and Kayaking sessions at the gorgeous Kite Beach. The activity is best suited for kids above the age of 10.

GWHDJW Kite Surf in Dubai with the famous Burj Al Arab hotel in background. No model/property releases. Dubai Emirates, UAE

What could be more amusing than spending a day at the beach? For that reason, Kite beach is the ultimate provider of renting Kayaks, along with professional instructors. Children love the experience of controlling their kayaks along the waves. There’s even a possibility to meet cordial dolphins and turtles along the way.

3. Legoland:

Are you looking for the best places to seek new adventures for kids? Well, nothing can excite a kid more than witnessing a real-life Lego. In Dubai’s Legoland, you can get to the dreamland of Lego, Lego city, and, surprisingly, the revived submerged submarine.

The park features more than 40 interactive rides, shows, and attractions. The Dragon coaster is the biggest ride in the park that pushes you upwards in the air at a heart-dropping pace of around 60 kilometers. Visiting the spot isn’t fun just for the children, yet grown-ups can also help feel a debt of gratitude.

4. Nad Al Sheba Cycle Park:

These converted camel tracks serve your kids the amusement to ride cycles across various channels with a spectacular view of Dubai’s lovely horizon.

Al Sheba Cycling Park presents short courses to long-distance riders with feasible amenities of lockers, changing suits, and showers. The track tests your kids’ cycling capability. Additionally, it’s engaging for them to find out about street sense through the park’s road, speed bumps, and roundabouts.

 Thus, make your children ditch their exercise bikes for some time and make a beeline for the open road for a bike ride at Nad Al Sheba Cycle Park.

5. Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary:

Dubai contains some of the best sanctuaries, zoos, and wildlife parks globally. Communication with animals doesn’t always have to be with long queues and tickets. Once in a while, kids want to observe them from afar and peacefully let them eat much of the meals.

Maybe that’s why a day at Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary is a perfect choice for the littlies. With more than 60 species of birds and 500 floras and faunas, the wetlands are the most-desired tourist spots among visitors. But, it’s the flamingos that are the showstoppers.

You will notice every creature, from swims to crocodiles, and personally encounter them. So, get your kids ready for an immersive experience with Dubai’s famous wildlife.

6. Privilege membership:

Being parents to stubborn kids is a real deal. You’ve to make amendments whenever they wish to go out on weekends. For that reason, Privilege is here to make your life easier. Singing up to its membership allows your family access to swimming pools and beach clubs at more than 60 of the UAE’s most prestigious resorts. For additional convenience, over 20 of them are well-equipped with splash pools and outdoor activities to keep the children occupied throughout the day. 

7. Horse riding at Desert Palm:

Everyone knows that horses are the epitome of politeness, and they’re the calmest creatures you’ll ever meet. Indeed, it’s an excellent way for pony-obsessed kids to get valuable fun outdoors. Desert Palm makes an ideal location for this purpose, where mini jockeys can learn horse riding and polish their skills with utmost bravery.

This riding school owns an impressive fleet of horses and ponies and caters to all levels of riders. Take most of the benefit of your Friday by booking a guiding hack for your kids. Not to mention, mums and dads can try it as well.  

8. Dubai Offshore sailing club:

Being in favor of the hotter side, kids in Dubai spend a ton of energy in water. However, the sailing lesson is a savvy approach for getting active outside when the water gets more relaxed. You’ll witness Dubai’s epic nature while appreciating the rugged mountain, white-sand beaches, and dense green rainforests.

Also, you don’t have to stress out since there’s no need to purchase a cruising boat as the club deals with that. You can hire one for the afternoon and prepare your children for the intriguing endeavor.

9. Battle Park for Kids:

Activity Park is an exhilarating experience park that serves indoor and open-air gaming sessions. We suggest keeping it outside as your children will appreciate it more within natural environmental factors. Select a fight in the incredible paintballing field while exploring the area’s first upside-down house. Honestly, the spot is ideal for bold families.

Final Thoughts:

There’s no place in the world that is more kid-friendly than Dubai. Just chilling on a beach or riding in the metro is like an adventure for the little ones. Fortunately, your kids will cherish plenty of activities during your stay in the city, and you have to unleash them.

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