5 Restaurants Around City Walk Dubai You Must Try

Isn’t it great to stop at different cafes and restaurants for a quick snack along the way of your adventure? Fortunately, City Walk offers national and international cuisines to satisfy your curiosity about discovering something new every day.  

It is a unique destination in Dubai that serves a variety of recreational facilities and an entire world of unreal experiences for a decent contemporary lifestyle. City Wlak  features luxurious cafes for a quick brunch, cosy evenings for catching up with old friends, and vegetarians seeking a delicious meal. 

Suffice it to say, City walk Dubai restaurants ensure a memorable culinary experience with gorgeous interiors and excellent ambiences. Read on to grasp more about the food spots that serve your favourite item during the City walk.

1. Saladicious Grillz:

Saladicious Grillz is a 24/7 dining restaurant in Dubai City walk that specialises in everything from the finest breakfasts to delicious dinners and, not to forget, some of the yummiest salads in the City. 

Besides the great variety of fresh salads, you can opt for wood grills, wood ovens, or live cooking stations. There’s also an option for fresh seafood items. Indeed, the café is admired by everyone in the town.

2. Farzi Café:

Another laid-back café to dine-in with pals is Farzi Café amid the City Walk Dubai. This eatery features a modish restaurant where foodies can expect to enjoy Indian cuisines with a twist. It is an excellent cuisine if you want to dig into delicious Indian food, including chicken biryani, mushroom sliders, Chicken tikka tarts, etc. With an appealing ambience and unique flavours, Farzi Café isn’t famous for its richness but also earns an authentic spot among the royal eateries in Dubai.

3. Urth Caffé:

Since the 19th century, Urth caffé has brought its beloved roasted coffee beans to the City walk Dubai. The organisers use the finest coffee beans extracted from seasonal crops. Ultimately, it provides a delightful coffee experience to everyone that tries it once.

With innovative blending techniques and roasting ideas, their coffee is desired by every passerby. Regardless of how late they’re getting for the evening chores, they prefer munching on vegetarian lasagna or egg sandwiches while having a hot mug of organic coffee.

4. Butcha Steakhouse and Grill:

Are you looking for the best steak spots in Dubai? Butcha café is a go-to food spot. Select from a wood-fire grill or char-grill as both of them have a different luxurious taste. Apart from the main course, you’ll find a range of desserts.

Butcha steakhouse is a perfect eatery for all the steak lovers out there, which caters to their cravings with the yummiest meat cuts. This steakhouse features expert grill masters that customise a perfect slice of meat according to the customer’s preferences. 

5. BareBurger:

Bareburger café provides mouthwatering burgers at affordable rates. It is a unique eatery along the City walks Dubai granting non-genetically modified food. 

While the meat is smoked to perfection, the burgers are being served with crispy onions, fresh buns, and mango pickles for a sour taste. Recently, Bareburger has caught the eyes of many foodies for its special vegan burger, which makes you keep returning to its premises. 

Wrapping Up

You might be surprised to know that the options for City walk Dubai restaurants don’t end here. There are multiple casual diners and cafes available at your service, including Baku Café, Walnut Grove, Starbucks, State 88 and much more. Also, cuisines in City walk Dubai aren’t only restricted to fine dining outlets; there’re casual cafes and trendy bars to opt for.

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