Amazing things to do in Dubai at night

Dubai might have a reputation for having a laid-back attitude, but that surely doesn’t mean it’s a sleepy place. From scenic walking trails and gorgeous beaches to captivating museums and infamous attractions, Dubai has plenty of destinations to fill the void of your days. Just make sure to reserve a bit of energy to explore the best the city offers after the sun vanishes.  

Whether you’re looking for a quaint spot to enjoy a nightcap or a venue to witness the latest theater production, there’s no scarcity of options when you’re up for sacrificing some shuteye. 

Wondering how you can enjoy the night off on weekends? Keep on reading the guide below. 

Full moon horse riding – 90 minutes of an adventurous night:

Dubai’s outdoor sites are always buzzing every night, offering night owls the chance to indulge in the exciting experiences that locals often take for granted. Horses aren’t just a domain for cowboys, and you’ve every right to ride on horseback to reminisce about the highly-treasured Arabian ancestry.

Regardless if you’re a beginner or a pro-rider, you can still opt for this fun venture. The ninety-minute journey by the Equestrian Club is a joy through the sparkling deserted landscape on full moon nights.

Go Star Gazing – View Dubai till the horizon:

There’s something utterly magical about getting away from the bustling city to connect with nature, and Dubai’s stargazing spot is an ideal place to stop, be silent and absorb it all. The night sky is an overwhelmingly impressive feature as billions of shining stars are visible enough to witness with naked eyes. 

Dubai Astronomy offers an excellent opportunity to revive your childhood nostalgia. Most trips are complimentary, and you only have to register yourself and reach the deserted stargazing area.

Overnight Desert Safari – Your Arabian dreams can come true:

Overnight camping at Safari Desert is another great way to enjoy a balmy summer night. Experiencing the nature of deserts might’ve haunted many of you. Yet, there’s no better way to relish a night out than in peaceful deserted surroundings. Indulge in the Aboriginal culture, dune bashing, and the changing colors of the sky at Dubai’s Safari desert. 

Walk at La Mer – A Walk to remember:

Wondering how to keep your Snapchat family occupied while you’re exploring Dubai? Take your troop to the Alfresco-themed La Mer Street that allows clicking endless snaps. The travel spot doesn’t look phenomenal during the daytime, but the nightfall exposes the wonders of the galaxy.

Soak up the stars over an open-air dinner with a backdrop of Dubai’s jaw-dropping attractions. The area is delightfully filled with colors’ vibrancy and will keep you engaged as long as you’re there. 

The Global Village – Enjoy under the City lights:

Daylight in Dubai might be sparkling, but nighttime is dazzling thanks to the fantastic Global village. The most sought-after travel destination lights up the city with plenty of light sculptures, shopping trees, and adventures. You’ll truly experience the multicultural perspective of the city here.

Be it the USA, France, Italy, China, or Pakistan; the Global Village has it all. And for that reason, you won’t regret devoting one night to this global encounter. Dubai’s annual festivals are mostly held at Global Village, creating an exciting blend of culture, creativity, and brightly-lit city monuments. 

Dubai Opera – Lights, Camera & Party:

Emiratis take pride in their friendliness, and the expat communities are no exception. Although there’s no prize for guessing where you can catch an unforgettable opera performance in Downtown Dubai, do you know that the Opera House also hosts ballets, standup comedy, gigs, and festivals? It doesn’t matter your background or religion; the festival will certainly present a nightlife spot where you feel at home.

White Dubai Nightclub – Where luxury meets extravagance:

Give your sleep a miss as the most memorable night out waits for you. Step off the city streets and delve into the oasis of White Dubai Nightclub. The place is lively, energetic, and more on the high-tech side than you could ever imagine. Except for fun cocktails, a vibrant atmosphere and sweeping views are at your disposal. Add that to the bar’s live music session, and you’ve yourself an epic night out in true Emirati style. 

Let’s Wrap for Today!

Dubai isn’t only restricted to adventurous activities and indoor relaxation; there’s so much more than that. The list is never-ending, as you won’t be getting short on options anytime soon. The city is wide awake to keep the night owls out of excuses as the sun goes down. But remember to carry your polaroid along wherever you go.

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