How modern technology is driving various industries in Dubai?

There’s no doubt that Dubai is leveraging technology that can create a unique city destination from ground level. With tech experts focused on reducing traffic excess on main roads and upgrading healthcare, Dubai officials have prioritised creativity and innovations.

The emirate’s futuristic approach towards technology centres on converting emirates into a digital hub. Below, we’ll explain how modern technology is impacting industries in Dubai. Let’s unfold the facts together.

Firefighters with Jetpacks

It doesn’t mean much to Dubai, but the officials still prefer opting for firefighting with jetpacks. Citizens have gratitude for the partnership between Martin Plane and Civil defence authorities, including plenty of water-powered jetpacks. The devices are best for putting out fires along the city’s shoreline. Firefighters get better exposure to control blazes and dodge traffic with this technology.

Automated Drone Taxis

While many towns in the emirate are pondering over ordinary self-driving cars, Dubai officials are busy developing flying cars in the 21st century. With a test drive last month, Dubai’s Automated Air taxi (AAT) is considered the world’s first flying taxi service.

Although it’s not available commercially, the technological approach promises to be eco-friendly and a modish transportation solution. 

The Futuristic Hotels

Are you planning your next vacation in Dubai in some high-tech resort? If so, you might want to check out the newly-established hotels in the town. With high-end cafes and bars, artificial beaches, infinity pools, and giant aquariums, there’s the perfect utilisation of technology in leaps and bounds of the developments. 

In addition, there’s a presence of 3D rainforests in public areas and robotic receptionists for guiding the visitors. 

Realistic Robotic Cop

Recently, the first robotic cop was introduced in Dubai, including cameras for transmissions, live images, and suspects. Citizens can instantly report public crimes and ask queries regarding societal crimes from this robotic cop. According to the reports of Dubai police, robotic cops will chisel a quarter of local police by 2030. 

Existence of the Tallest Building

Isn’t it shocking that Dubai owns the world’s tallest skyscraper?  Indeed, it’s a prime example of how neo-futurism outshines within the emirate. The city constantly tries to maintain its uniqueness with technological advances. And the masterpiece Burj Khalifa is surely an example of this. As a tourist in Dubai, you’ll surely want to get to the top unless you have a height phobia. 

Apart from Burj Khalifa, Dubai is adding another feather to its cap with the development of Ceil Tower. This 360-metre high sanctuary is going to be the tallest hotel-only building in the world once it is completed. 

Delivering Coffee with Drones on a Beach

When do we consider the kind of intelligent future promised by science fiction writers? What else could be more interesting than a drone descending from above to deliver you an iced coffee on sunbeds? While we’re unsure if this becomes a permanent fixture, it does speak volumes about Dubai’s innovative approach regarding the use of technology. 

In all, besides owning the world’s most luxurious hotels and shopping malls, Dubai has also developed goodwill for being willing to go the extra mile using modern technology.

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