Top 7 Beaches in Dubai: What you need to consider for Vacations 2022

Surprisingly, Dubai isn’t fun only for the impressive skyscrapers, limitless departmental stores, and dunes. Situated on the corner of the Arabian Gulf, this productive UAE destination resembles a paradise for beach lovers.

With idyllic weather during the spring, Dubai’s flawless beaches have become one of its major attractions. The town is filled with heavenly sea waves that appeal to the viewers. Although off-season dipping doesn’t sound like a good idea, still tourists couldn’t help but get fascinated by the inviting seashores.

Regardless of your location, there’re tons of beaches in Dubai you can visit. Some of the best ones allow the sun-seekers to indulge in unrestricted views without spending a penny. Below, we’ve listed the seven most popular beaches in the town.

1. Umm Suqeim Beach:

As a tourist, if you’re interested in Insta-worthy captures of Burj Al Arab while spending some leisure time near a waterbody, then Umm Suqeim Beach is an ideal destination.

It is a refreshing beach along the coastline, right where the Burj resides. Honestly, the beach is quite underrated as it acquires a few services, except the toilets facilities and lifeguard stands. Here you can amusingly surf, swim, kite surf, or enjoy lime juice with the satisfying sound of waves. You might be glad to know that the beach also owns a private library, so it’s an impressive stance for bookworms as well.

2. The Kite Beach: 

Named after the flocks of kite surfers who aim to approach the sky, The Kite Beach is a pristine destination for water sports, kayaking, wakeboarding, and stand-up paddleboarding. You can play volleyball or tennis on the silky beach sand or get soaked in the refreshing sunlight. It is fully equipped with changing facilities and restrooms.

If you’re hungry, stop at one of the many food trucks near the beach and get yourself a quick snack. 

April 16th 2021, Dubai UAE, An aerial shot of Kite Beach in Dubai filled with kite surfers and their colorful kites flying in the air or being prepared on the ground

3. La Mer Beach:

Located on the northern side and the heart of Dubai, you’ll find the town’s newest evolution, La Mer beach. With lively brunch sessions, shopping and entertainment confines promise a perfect day for visitors by the sea.

Not to forget the scores of eateries, Insta-worthy art exhibitions, vibrant cabanas for hire, and the latest Laguna Water Park, this beach looks nothing but a part of heaven. With a 14-kilometre shore length, it works perfectly for fitness enthusiasts. Jogging on the beach and gorgeous views of the Burj Al Arab, what else could be better?

4. The JBR Beach:

Sandwiched between the Dubai Marina in the south and the Arabian Gulf, the JBR Brach offers a delightful blend of restaurants and retail fun.

There’s an energizing outdoor gym and a cushioned jogging track to keep you indulged throughout the day. From the classic evening of sunbathing and naps, you can enjoy the calmness of a beautiful walk at this beach. Furthermore, you can treat yourself to the coast while you get amused with the sunset in one of Dubai’s best cuisines. Lastly, if you’re an adventurous person, you can opt for the famous camel ride on the beach.

5. Black Palace Beach:

Sitting near Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab, the Black Palace Beach is one of Dubai’s best-kept secrets. The rare beauty of this place owes massive popularity among the masses as we can reach it within minutes along the smooth sandy path that runs through the palaces.

While introverts mainly prefer the beach, it isn’t equipped with changing and washing facilities, nor does it contain sunbeds, which reflects the charm of a beach. Visitors, who love photography, should know that landscape shots aren’t restricted, but capturing individuals, especially women, is highly forbidden.

6. Al Mamzar Beach Park:

With 106 hectares of land, Al Mamzar Beach offers a fantastic seaside amusement to visitors. It is filled with shady palm trees and provides 360-degree hospitality to all families. There’re spaces for barbecues, picnic areas, changing rooms, and swimming pools.

Whether you’re spending only a few hours or an entire day, know that you’re a free bird that’s allowed to have fun and relax under the furnishings on the beach. If you want to go the extra mile, rent one of the water skis and experience the thrill of unreality within you.

7. Marina Beach:

A few years ago, those who walked on the premises of Marina beach would only have experienced vacant benches. However, this beach has updated out of nowhere in a few years and has become popular among tourists.

Now, visitors get impressed with the large shopping malls, and the vast skyscrapers with futuristic silhouettes capture the skyline. Located at a minimal distance from the Jumeirah beach, Marina offers a white beach ideal for vacations. All the side activities are well-equipped, including Spa services, golf rounds, and a zoo for the kids.

Final Thoughts:

As far as beauty is concerned, Dubai is optimal for attractive sites and beaches. The residents truly enjoy the crystal clear sea waves during the summers and spring seasons. A visit to the emirate is certainly incomplete without visiting these stunning beaches.

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