Top 8 Water Parks In Dubai To Keep You Cool During Hot Summers

If you’ve ever been to Dubai, you must know that this marveling state always leaves you wishing for more. With time, it has a gained well-deserved popularity due to its exceptional infrastructure and spectacular sites. Yet, if there’s one more thing why citizens love Dubai is due to the fantastic water parks.

When it comes to amusement Water Parks, the emirate introduces them with a twist. With a vast choice of themes and top-class rides, it’s no wonder why Dubai gets much hype for its leisure parks. Early birds and adventurers will surely love the limitless array of action that begins even before the sun is up. 

While swimmers can chill out browsing social media, you can relax on a bench with a drink in hand. Let’s reveal the details of some of the best water parks in Dubai together.

1. Aquaventure Water Park:

Aquaventure occupies the stage for Dubai’s most reputable water theme parks and caters to both the adrenaline-lovers and young pals with its separated zones. It serves over 42 acres of fun, including the most desired shark-filled lagoons, and zip lines.

Not to forget the record-breaking Anaconda, this makes the swimmer shiver with pleasure. How about taking a spin on the amusing tidal surges of the Torrent River? Meanwhile, you can munch on the delicious feast at one of the cabanas.

2. Wadi Water Park

Launched in 1999, Wadi Water Park is a top-notch park that has been entertaining guests for decades. Due to the unsurpassed location next to Burj Al Arab, the fascinating range of rides looks dreamy. There are loads to serve the entire crew, from refreshing swims in exciting water slides to artificial surfing. If there’s an adventurer within you, you might want to get on to the hair-raising Jumeirah plunge slide.

Wadi Water Park isn’t only bustling with swimming activities and brings a good omen for all the foodies. The adventure theme park has gained massive attention from visitors by providing one of the best brunches in a while. Grab a poolside sunbed to enjoy the green goodness bowls, heavenly juices, and only the most snappable pancakes to hit social media.

3. Yas Water World:

Yas Water Park is one of the most indulgent sites in Dubai for adults and kids alike. With more than 45 water rides for all ages, it is an adventurous place to spend your holidays in town. Take a plunge into the icy water from the top of the mountain or delve into the water inside a colossal snake. Besides the endless fun rides, you can also brunch on souvenirs from the local stalls. Or, get access to various delicious cuisines, including Italian, Chinese, Indian, and Thai.

4. Laguna Water Park:

Situated on Dubai’s latest beachfront, La Mer, Laguna Water Park has proceeded to the list of best water parks to date. Even if you’re not an adrenaline junkie, you can’t help but feel impressed by the diverse four zones. The water park promises an excellent time for visitors with zones that allow Surfing, Relaxing, Splashing, and Sliding.

Laguna offers exceptional respite from Dubai’s heat by refreshing experience to patrons. Isn’t it wonderful that Laguna Water Park attracts famous international celebrities every year? Who knows, maybe you get to meet one along the way.

5. Jungle Bay Dubai:

ty. Surrounded by Le Meriden & Marina, Jungle Bay Dubai sits in the city’s heart.

In addition to an ideal location, it’s drawing the attention of everyone due to its scenic water rides. Not to mention the enduring attractions that visitors admire with calm unreality. It’s a vibrant, colorful, and secure place for children to roam around and make the most of the water rides. 

6. Ice Land Water Park:

What’s a better introduction to Dubai than a dip in the iconic icebergs chilling pool? Grab a mug of coffee, get on a perch poolside, and cool off in the shining sapphire water. As the name proposes, Ice Land Water Park makes an ideal spot for coping with the oppressive heat of Dubai. Swimming pools during heat waves don’t get any better.

7. Dreamland Aqua Park:

Make a thorough dive into an exciting world full of joy and surprises at Dreamland Aqua Park. Dreamland’s precious blue waves are as tempting as they sound. You can dive deep into Dubai’s most iconic Water Park if you’re a beginner. In a nutshell, the site is a peaceful escape from the busier urban lifestyle. 

8. Splash and Party:

Although there’s plenty of fun available for adults, nothing’s better than relaxing on the sunbed while observing your kids enjoying their hearts out. The famous Splash & Party is an ideal location for this purpose. Ever since the recognition, the park has added to the popularity of Dubai.

The park isn’t short on compelling attractions to kick back on, from trendy water slides to charming sea creatures. The pools are refreshing and safe, perfect for kids that seek a boosting escape from high school.

Final Thoughts:

Indeed, the beauty of Dubai has not only gained popularity in the United Arab Emirates but the entire Middle East. Dubai’s breathtakingly impressive water parks separately outshine a distinctive character. You can even discover poolside cafes, realistic artificial surfing, dazzling swimming pools, and the glittering blue water teeming with colorful rides.

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